VI. Biodanza Festival 2023

19. 7. - 23. 7. 2023, Centrum Živá voda

Czech Republic

Have a look what could the festival bring to you.

Do you want to be happy and fulfill your potential?

Do you wish to experience pure joy, satisfaction and happiness?

Is your desire to connect more with yourself, with others and with your life as such?

If you still can not achieve to live the life in which you feel happy, joyful and fulfilled, you may think, plan, and do, but perceive and feel not enough. You will not achieve a beautiful life only with your mind. 

Experience a real connection with yourself, with others, with your life, and your world will change.

Satisfaction is based on our connection. The first step is really to feel this connection. To perceive yourself and the life as it is. The second step is to do what you actually feel. In short, organize your life as you really want it.

Now you have an opportunity to really feel this connection!

Thanks to the Biodanza Festival you can also experience feelings of harmony, relaxation, love, joy, solidarity and satisfaction!


Biodanza festival is an opportunity to re-connect with ourselves, each other and Life as such.

From this space of true solidarity and connection on all three levels we will be nourished, inspired and energized for our personal journey.

Biodanza festival is a space where we can freely be ourselves and dance the unique dance of our live.

It is a a place of little and bigger miracles happening inside and outside. There are possibilities opening up for new perception of ourselves, our relationships, our life. 

Biodanza festival is a place, where we can meet old and new friends.

We can dance, have fun, live out our beauty, rest and enjoy life. We can simply and truly be together

Biodanza festival is a space for inspiration. It positively influences and heals our beautiful czech land.

Biodanza festival connects, harmonizes and brings more understanding, love and joy to our day-to-day reality.

What did the participants of the last year say about the festival?

Biodanza fills me with love and joy, connects me with amazing people and with myself. I love dancing and thanks to Biodanza, I’ve learned to enjoy everything that life brings to me.


Biodanza helps me to connect with my inner self – it helps me to find and ruin the walls that I have built up in my whole life. Definitely try the festival and come. You’ll take away at least one inspirational experience, but I’m sure there will be more.


Biodanza represents for me the finest and most pleasant way to meet with the true myself, with its bright and unspoiled places and the real world of people around. It is a miracle how much intimacy and love is among people and how easily it can actually be shared.


Reach the opportunity to be yourself and to feel the sense of absolute freedom while living out wonderful days with equally tuned people.


It’s a unique experience! It is not possible to describe the uniqueness of Biodanza and its benefits for everyone separately. You just have to try it!


Festival values



we are kind to ourselves, to each other and to the life 

IMG_1655 (1)


we share the colors of life together



we all go our own way, but we are on the same boat and travel together



just enough to be a human being, just to be yourself..



we can enjoy our lives with such ease and playfulness

Our festival facilitators


Aneta Končulová, Czech Republic​

She is a facilitator and founder of Biodanza in Czech Republic. Her passion is to unlock human potential through music, movement, emotions and group dynamics. She has been Biodanza lecturer since 2008, after accomplishing a 3 year training course for facilitators in England. Her vision is a society in which we live our full potential in harmony, joy and love and we perceive our belonging to others as well as to nature. Therefore, she is dedicated to the development of Biodanza in Czech republic. Methodology of Biodanza very gently and effectively brings people together and connects them and brings them back to their nature and to the living of fulfilled humanity. She lives with her husband and two sons Tobias and Matěj in a small village near Beroun. She enjoys being a mother and also being a lecturer of Biodanza lessons and seminars in Beroun and Prague.

unnamed (1)

Markéta Hrabalová, Czech Republic​

Marketa has been interested in learning and personal development for over 15 years. She has 8 years of experience with Biodanza. Since her first lesson, she knew that Biodanza was „the right direction“ on her way.  She completed her three year training in Germany with facilitator from Argentina. Since 2014, she has been leading regular lessons in Prague where she lives. Besides Biodanza, she loves swimming. She says that Biodanza changed her life. She began to feel more, to perceive herself, her feelings and her body. The experience of Biodanza began to influence her „normal“ life, which gradually became richer and more beautiful. She began to experience the forgotten joy of life again. Biodanza has become an important part of her life, and passing it on brings Markéta a feeling of fulfillment.  She keeps admiring how mystical is what is happening during the dance and how deep and healing experiences can be brought in by Biodanza. It is something that can not be described by words.


Nuno Pinto, Portugal

Biodanza facilitator since 2001, practing since 1998
Biodanza didata and supervisor
Biodanza Director of Oporto School
Biodanza Director of Portugal Schools
Founder member of Portuguese Biodanza Facilitators Association
Pablo profilovka

Pablo Escorcia, Colombia - Germany

I work in Berlin as a Biodanza teacher, yogi, coach and consultant. My life’s journey has led me to combine the practical world of business with the world of yoga and dance. My life goal is to raise the level of human consciousness through experiencing gratitude and love and creating a better world.

I have been a certified Biodanza teacher trainer since 2005 . I guide my Biodanza students and trainers to deepen their practice and improve their understanding of the Biodanza system.

I have developed many Biodanza programs for private and public organizations. I have also brought elements of shamanism into Biodanza, I lead Biodanza in companies and I also offer regular weekly classes in Berlin.

As a teacher, dancer and speaker I have participated in many international Biodanza conferences in more than 10 countries on 4 continents.


Sylvie Tempel -Director of school "Biodanza Israel"

Born in Brazil and since 1989 live in Israel.

In 2005 she met Rolando Toro Araneda, and in 2008 her life was transformed.

In 2013 she was certified as a Biodanza didact and in 2014 she assumed the position of Director of the School Biodanza Israel.

She is also specializes in:

Biodanza with Children and young (2015)
Aquatic Biodanza (2016)
Biodanza and Neochamanismo (2016)
Biodanza and The Tree of Desires (“El Árbol de los Deseos”) (2017)
Biodanza and Tarot
Biodanza and the archetypes of the Bible

What will the participation at the Biodanza festival give you?

You will feel livelier and more sincere, you will experience feelings of love and happiness thanks to the development of your human potential. In your life you will begin to implement changes that will reflect your experiences.


You will have more energy, joy and taste for life. You will learn how to relax.


You will experience feelings of unconditional love, you will be more sensitive and responsive, and this will improve your relationships


You will become the creator of your life, stepping out of limiting formulas.


You will release your essential life energy and bring more understanding, love and joy into your everyday reality.


You will start new and deepen your existing friendships.


Finally, you will start living the life you always wanted.

Just imagine:

You feel so fresh, relaxed and full of Life. This is another world. Now everything is so beautiful, you feel euphoria, nothing is a problem.

So many wonderful people around you. You never knew you could ever feel so connected and in connection. 

You know that you belong to this human group. You have close friends. You are well in your body and in your soul.

You are pleased that you allowed yourself to be more sincere, be yourself. 

You are beginning to live the life you really want. You now feel sure in  what you really want and what you need to change and do differently.

And now you’re a little further on your way. It’s an adventurous and fun journey!

Festival programme

Everyday you will experience 2 deepening vivencias (= Biodanza lessons) under the guidance of great facilitators from Europe. The evening program will be both relaxing and fun. In the morning you can practice yoga. There will also be time for afternoon siesta, where your senses will delight with a delicious refreshment or you can indulge in a massage in a special massage tent. Also the CONCERT and PARTY is waiting for you! On Friday night you can enjoy the concert of the amazing musician MAOK. You will feel integrated, calmed and connected with your inner space.


Biodanza Vivencias


Professional lectures










Vojta Violinist

Vojta is a multi-instrumentalist playing several instruments at the same time such as violin, didgeridoo, bouzouki, bansuri flute and percussion.
He combines Celtic and Aboriginal music themes in his own distinctive way, using the sonic magic of live looping to create a sound as if the whole band is playing.
For Vojta, music is a space where he can deeply connect and communicate with himself as well as with others and with places where the barriers of time and judgement intersect.
You can learn more about Vojta on his website

You can look forward to seeing Vojta on Thursday evening.



– Songs and mantras that delight the soul, warm the heart and soothe the mind. Come and sing and dance with the Mantrovníky.

For over twenty years we have been meeting together to sing traditional and original mantras and many Czech songs.

Mantrovníci will perform on Friday evening.


Stanislava Ketmanová – masseuse

„I have been accompanying women and men with my touch to return to their inwardness, to their nature and spontaneity. During the massage, we dissolve all the tensions and let you blossom the seed of beauty and sensuality into the beautiful flower of bliss. It will be my honor for me to accompany you on your way ….. „


Miroslav Ketman – masseur

„I realize and perceive that there is so little touching and especially tender touching in our everyday life. And yet our bodies subconsciously crave for this. But because we can accept the touches only in a state of complete relaxation and surrender, my intention is to bring you into this state. And then it can energize you together, I can give you a feeling of surrender, a feeling of joy and love for yourself. And I’m absolutely happy to see you leaving my massages glowing and filled with exactly what you need or what you have not gotten before. I look forward to meeting with each of you, if not for a massage so at least in the amazing space of the festival.“


Morning yoga

Lenka BALANC – yogi

She is mostly dedicated to conscious movement, which focuses on balancing body imbalances. She focuses on connecting the body with the mind, with an emphasis on access to movement, but also to oneself.
She argues that it is always possible to start with kindness to your body, your wants, desires, needs and feelings. Not to survive, but to live your unique life story.
She believes that everyone can exercise and dance, you just need to know how. The goal of her classes is not to perform, but to care. That beautiful feeling when you really settle into yourself. She is very careful to respect her own capabilities and boundaries.

Kristína Korecová – yoga instructor
Kristina devotes herself to yoga from her childhood, she finished training at the Institute for Yoga Research as a science in Indian Paramanand and NLP training. Kristina owns Small Yoga Studio „Malostranské Equilibrium“. Yoga means for her discovering and increasing the capacity of experience and its quality. It intensifies the development of perception and personality as such. Yoga offers the opportunity to penetrate deeper into the essence of our own existence and discover our inner universe. Person then begins to understand and realize his own work, finds his own inner resources, which one can develop to improve his life path. Man eventually matures by yoga, evolves even greater empathy and compassion towards the world „out there“ and can positively inspire his surroundings to make useful changes


270 EUR

For this price you will enjoy:

4 days fulfilled with amazing experience program

Care and inspiration from 5 professional lecturers of Biodanza from Europe.

Concert and party

Morning yoga lessons

Practical information

The festival begins at Wednesday 27st of July 2022 at 5PM and ends 31th of July 2022 at 3PM

Accomodation and daily meals will be provided by Centrum Živá voda (Czech republic)

Accommodation and food is not part of the festival’s price. Please pay in cash upon arrival in Czech Koruny.  (1 EUR = approx. 26 CZK)

FULL BOARD –   450 CZK/person/day.


  • Room – 410 CZK/person/night
  • Mattress at the meditation room – 280 CZK/person/night
  • Your own tent – 280 CZK/person/night
  • One-off fee for bedding – 50 CZK

Can I apply to the festival even though I do not have experience with Biodanza?

We would recommend at least a minimal experience with Biodanza before you apply for the whole festival. The festival is a really intense experience and it is better to know at least a little bit what you are getting into. We then don’t have to explain the full basics at the festival and can go into more depth as a group. You can come for at least 2 weekly lessons or attend a 1 day seminar. You can find a list of options at or

Do I need to know how to dance?

No! 😉

Biodanza is suitable for men and women of all ages. It is not necessary to know how to dance or be physically fit, we do not teach any steps or dance choreography. The philosophy of Biodanza is to bring more fun, pleasure, spontaneity, happiness and love into our lives. And we do this simply by moving – the body tells itself where and how intensely it wants to move.

What is Biodanza?

Biodanza is a holistic system of development. Its methodology is based on intense experiences of the presence that come through music, movement and group encounters. It originated in the 1960s in South America and spread throughout the world. It was founded by Professor Rolando Toro. In translation it means Dance of Life. Our human potential has 5 basic so-called development lines – vitality, creativity, sexuality, feeling and transcendence. At Biodanza lessons, we develop and stimulate these areas, leading to the overall flowering of our personality, the affectivity of fulfillment, satisfaction, joy and love. 

Simply put – Biodanza is an adventure that draws you into the Life!

What do participants say on the Biodanza system?

„Biodanza brought me more love to myself and to others, and showed me the possibilities how to show  love to myself and to others. I’ve had wonderful and intense moments with my partner.


„I feel a lot more perspective and depth. I can better stand up for myself, allow myself space and time when I need it, not to force myself into anything, and at the same time I  allow myself more contact with people and better manage the contact. I allow myself to enjoy more pleasure and to feel my life with passion. „


„BIODANZA has a power to wake up a very exhausted person, pouring the energy into his veins. I felt miserable, and was looking for a reboot. At Biodanza, I have found my strength again, I learned to feel myself. I’m so glad that I discovered Biodanza, it was a great experience for me! „


„Playfulness, joy, Biodanza helped me get out of my head and shake off my worries, I experienced the relaxation and closeness to people – I realized a lot about myself – my restraints, desires, my worries. „


Don´t hesitate!

So if you want to experience feelings of harmony, relaxation, love, joy and belonging.

If you want to take up energy, meet new friends, relax mentally and physically.

If you want to develop your human potential

If these words resonate with you, do not wait!

Capacity of the festival is limited!

So do not hesitate to sign up for the summer festival and draw inspiration, energy and nutrition for your next personal journey!

Have you found all the answers for your questions? If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Festival is organized for you by:


Aneta Končulová

Vision, project leader, festival facilitator


Míla Bohunická

Communication with participants

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